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Tips To Improve Your Mental Wellbeing
Mark Wilkinson

The Health and Happiness Coach, reveals more of his tips for how to overcome challenges through a series of proven solutions to make positive changes in his debut book, ‘Life Remixed’. Part memoir, part self help book, Life Remixed focuses on inspiring strategies to help others lead a happier and more fulfilled life.

We can all be guilty of not spending enough time on our mental wellbeing. Whether it’s lack of time, desire or know how, we must all take a moment to bring our mental wellbeing to the forefront of our minds. As this latest lockdown is in full swing it is even more important than ever to block out the negativity that can invade us at a time like this and instead:

  • Pause for a moment;
  • take a deep breath;
  • and bring yourself back to your centre.

Mark Wilkinson, The Health and Happiness Coach, shares his simple tips for keeping mental wellbeing in check during lockdown and beyond.

Remember, exercise is meditation

Meditation is all about training your attention and honing your awareness to achieve a clear, calm and stable state, so exercise can be an excellent tool to move you in that direction. This could be going for a run, a bike ride, a yoga session or even just a walk around your local park. Taking that time for yourself to focus on your physical health is also an opportunity to focus on your mental health. Don’t be afraid to be alone with your thoughts, it’s ok to observe your thoughts, analyse them, question them, or decide to make actionable changes because of them.

Breathe deep – in & out

Fresh air is a magical formula for almost anything. Step outside and inhale deeply through your nose. Once you have felt your lungs fill with air keep going and breathe deep into your stomach, then let that breath out slowly through your mouth. Focus on each breath and let the thoughts and worries slip from your mind. Even doing this once a day will help you maintain a positive mindset.

Whether you take a walk, enjoy a coffee outside or just simply open your windows in the morning to let the fresh air in; spend some time breathing deeply and reconnecting with your mind. You will be amazed at what a difference this can make to your mental wellbeing daily.

Connect with positive emotions

There are 7 key emotions that can help us keep a positive mindset. They are desire, faith, love, sex, enthusiasm, romance and hope. If you can keep your mind coming back to these emotions then you will feel more positive and motivated as a result.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the daily negativity that plagues our lives, but by keeping yourself grounded and in touch with these emotions you can continue to keep your mental wellbeing in check. A great way to do this is through the use of mantras or affirmations, and repetition is mastery here.

Find some quotes that you feel empowered by; print them out, screenshot them on your phone, say them outloud when you wake up, while exercising or before you go to bed, after a while you will naturally keep them front and centre throughout the day. By doing this mental work you are programming your subconscious (emotional) mind with positive emotions and feelings which in turn will make you feel more confident, happy and determined to succeed in your day or indeed to face any challenge you are facing.

Some of my favourite mantras are:

“I love and accept myself now and I am grateful.”

“I expect and believe I will have a great day full of love and big wins.”

“I am surrounded by love.”