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Life Remixed has the power to change your life!
Learn how to:

  • Overcome any crisis
  • Be happy for no reason
  • Optimise your mental and physical health
  • Change your relationship with money
  • Understand the mind / body connection
  • Create harmony in every relationship in your life
  • Lose the fear of losing it all
  • Take action to remix your life

Looking Beyond The Dance To Face The Music!

Have you ever asked yourself, can life be too good to be true?

Ask Mark Wilkinson that question about his young life as a talented, international DJ and music producer from the late 1980s through 2000s. Mark was known in nightclubs around the world as popular, fun-to-be-around, headstrong, and up-for-anything mover and shaker – getting caught up in all his addictions enjoying international travel, having loads of friends, and enjoying professional success.

However, the inevitability of consequences acted like gravity and what went up in Mark’s life came crashing down in an auto-immune health crisis. Mark took this dramatic collapse in his health, lifestyle, and income and turned it around to become the success he is today.

His passion now is to help others avoid or recover from health, relationship, or financial crisis. In Life Remixed, Mark shares what he learned about making new choices and commitments in order to succeed. If it’s time to remix your life, grab this book, keep an open mind, and hang on for the ride.


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Best Selling Author of You Were Born Rich

“Life Remixed wouldn’t have been possible without Mark Wilkinson making a critical decision at the lowest point of his life. Let’s face it, our results are the culmination of the decisions we make or don’t make. For anyone looking for hope, this book offers an abundance of it. And, with hope, you have options.”


Best Selling Author of Happy For No Reason & Chicken Soup For The Woman’s Soul

“Mark Wilkinson is a great embodiment of teachings in The Secret. In Life Remixed, he shares his inspiring journey of overcoming life challenges through consciously shifting his thoughts, feelings, and actions to achieve miraculous results.”


DJ, Producer & House Music Pioneer

“Life Remixed is a candid empowering story showing that we can all achieve true greatness by manifesting the life we deserve.”


CEO & Co-Founder of Equilibria E-Colors

“In my mind, I have dubbed him the ‘London Lighthouse’, keeping us all off the rocks while providing a clear vision for a bright future. Read Life Remixed and I am sure you will agree.”


Multimillionaire, Entrepreneur & Mark’s Business Coach

“Life Remixed is Mark’s story of a young DJ, then going through hellish health and financial challenges, to becoming the successful man he is today.”

Read along with Mark’s Life Remixed Book Club

Get your copy of Life Remixed and after each chapter, watch back Mark’s Life Remixed Book Club series, where he reviews each chapter and the remix opportunities with his special guests! In Chapter 14 he also receives his own surprise!