About E-Colours

The Power of E-Colours

A key tool that helped Mark Wilkinson to remix his own life was E-Colours. It helped Mark to understand his strengths and potential limiters, improve his relationships and progress his career from unemployed and bankrupt, to success with a six-figure salary and multiple businesses.

Today E-Colours is the first step of his 12 Months to Remix Your Life Coaching Programme.

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The Four Main E-Colours

E-Colours divides the brain into 4 major personality groups:

  • The Doer (Red)
  • The Socialiser (Yellow)
  • The Relator (Blue)
  • The Thinker (Green)

Discover your E-Colours for FREE and learn even more by upgrading to your 33-page Premium Report using this 20% discount code: LIFEREMIXEDPREMIUM.

The Four Main E-Colours

Everyone has all 4 E-Colours within them but understanding your top 2 E-Colours reveals a more specific personality style. By understanding your E-Colours and the E-Colours of those around you, you can improve your relationships, career, health, mindset and success! The E-Colours comprise:

12 Different Personality Styles: Which one is you?

With over 8 billion people on the planet, there are only 12 different personality styles.

Mark Wilkinson is The Doing Socialiser (Yellow/Red). His Premium Report read: “As a Doing Socialiser, you tend to be people focused. You have a positive attitude towards life in general and want to bring that positivity with you everywhere you go. You enjoy interacting with others. Your impulsive nature and high energy levels often have others referring to you as the “life of the party.” If you know Mark, you’ll know this is 100% accurate!

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E-Colours Report

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Learn more about the 4 main personality types below and understand how to harness the power of personality diversity, in both your work and family environment.

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Red (Doer)

Reds have a direct and assertive communication style. They prefer concise and to-the-point conversations, focusing on the bottom line. Reds appreciate clear goals and objectives and value efficiency and results.

Yellow (Socialiser)

Yellows have an enthusiastic and engaging communication style. They enjoy lively and interactive conversations, often using storytelling and humour. Yellows appreciate positive feedback and a social atmosphere.

Green (Thinker)

Greens have an analytical and precise communication style. They prefer well-organised and detailed discussions, focusing on accuracy and quality. Greens appreciate logical reasoning and evidence-based arguments.

Blue (Relator)

Blues have a calm and supportive communication style. They prefer a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere, focusing on building relationships and maintaining stability. Blues appreciate active listening and are attentive to nonverbal.


E-Colours is step 1 of Mark Wilkinson’s 12 Months to Remix Your Life Coaching Programme, however Mark also offers indidivual coaching sessions purley on E-Colours. If you just want to learn more about  you and the people around you, you’ll discover your E-Colours, receive your Premium Report and have a 2.5hr coaching session with Mark.

Interested in your whole family or work collegues discovering their E-Colours? Talk to Mark about his group and corporate sessions too!

Become an E-Colours Certified Practitioner™

Mark Wilkinson encourages multiple sources of income (MSI’s). If you’re looking for another service or revenue stream, are considering setting up your own coaching business, reflecting on a total career change or just wanting to enhance the lives of people around you, join our global community of Certified E-Colours Practitioners.

As a Certified E-Colour Coach, Mark Wilkinson will teach you how to share and train E-Colours and its associated tools to individuals or groups. Our practitioners are already having a positive impact on their clients, communities, schools, teammates, and organisations through this highly applicable tool.


Download Digital e-Books and Guides

Download the digital e-books and guides to implement E-Colours, Personal Intervention, and the 8 Essentials in your personal and professional life, from anywhere.



SHARON SMITH (Yellow/Blue)

Head of Health & Safety, Heathrow Airport Ltd

A simple and engaging way to help you understand how you can get hurt. E-Colours teaches you self-awareness and so much more about yourself! Mark delivers this in an easy-to-understand way that empowers you to make safer decisions, understand your team, potential blind spots and how you can be mindful of your own actions.”

JASON ANKER, MBE (Yellow/Blue)

Health, Safety & Wellbeing Speaker & Mark Wilkinson Coaching Client

From my experience I believe E-Colours has the capability to improve safety on construction sites. Could I or my workmates have acted differently on the day of my accident, having known our E-Colours? It is possible. It’s an incredible tool and I look forward to seeing it implemented through UK organisations


MD, Transdev Airport Services

This information needs to be heard. Having done this work we all communicate better, and we are seeing a reduction in accidents, incidents and customer complaints – meaning our staff are more aware of great customer service as well as their own and others safety.


MD, J&P Engineering Ltd & Mark Wilkinson Coaching Client

I’m a top colour red – very practical. Everything has to be matter of fact. At the time I didn’t understand my personality, Play & Pause – things that come from knowing your E-Colours. More about understanding me, rather than understanding others had to happen first. You’ve opened a whole new world for me.


Illawong Athletics

I coach a diverse squad of young high jumpers, mostly in their mid to late teens. E-Colours has been an invaluable tool in helping me to be intentional in customising my communication style to each member of the team, both during training, when we are often working on problem solving, and during competition when I’m trying to find that one critical thought to optimise the performance of the next jump. It’s been a game-changer for me as a coach.

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