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A memoir & self help book to remix your life

 “For anyone looking for hope,
this book offers an abundance of it.”
Best-selling author & contributor to The Secret


There’s no better time

to remix your life
Let mark Wilkinson

show you how!

A life remix coach for anyone suffering with issues around health, wealth, happiness, relationships, goals or purpose!


Where: Esher Theatre, Surrey

When: Saturday 28th January 2023


A memoir & self help book for anyone suffering

“For anyone looking for hope, this book offers an abundance of it.”
Best-selling author & contributor to The Secret


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Join My Success Book Club

You2 by Price Pritchett starts Mon 4th Sept 2023

Experience the mindset shift together with like-minded individuals at our Life Remixed book club!
We will be starting You2 (You Squared) book on Monday, 4th September from 8pm – 9pm, and then on Monday 11th, 18th & 25th of September 2024.

Reading, studying and applying the lessons learnt from self development books has helped me to remix my life from losing everything to becoming happy, healthy and wealthy! At only £20 to join per book it’s a great way to start working with me on a small scale!

Release Radio & Life Remixed

Present a night of House music on Sat 2nd Sept 2023

Life Remixed is teaming up with Release Radio to present an electrifying night of House music (and my birthday celebrations ) at the Esher Theatre from 7pm til 1am on Sat 2nd Sept 2023.
Featuring DJs: Booker T, Lisa Loud, Mark Wilkinson, Johnny Coombes, Mark James & Lee Robson I hope you’ll come and have a blast with us!

TalkTV Interview

With Petrie Hosken!

I was invited onto TalkTV with the lovely Petrie Hosken to talk about my story as featured in my debut book Life Remixed. We chat about how one day my leg gave way and I fell to the floor, leading to 18 months of agony! We talk about the auto immune dis-ease that started my life change (ultimately my life remix!) to what it is today. Click below to watch the full interview.

Online Course

5 Days To Remix Your Life

Mark Wilkinson’s online course is available to purchase and keep for forever!

Mark shares his proven strategies on purpose, goals, health, money, faith, happiness, love and relationships with all the enthusiasm and positivity you need to create your best life!

It’s never too late to remix your life! Mark did it himself and can show you how!

Coaching Client Success Story

Life Remixed Inspirations!

Diana Hylton came to me to help her find and artiuclate her purpose, to help her achieve her goals and create the life she dreamed of living. In 2022 Diana achieved her first goal of becoming a published author in her own right and has since set up her own business. Watch her story here!

Life Remixed LIVE photos!

View our Gallery!

Check out what it’s like to attend a Life Remixed LIVE event hosted by Mark Wilkinson. A feel good, positive, motivating day, mixed with live chats, music, banter and laughter. Plus the Life Remixed After Parties with featuring CJ Mackintosh, Danny Rampling, Bobby (Bobby & Steve), Chris Roberts, Gav Randall and Mark Wilkinson himself!

We also help to raise money for NASS and The Bobby & Steve Foundation. Find out what to expect here and book your next ticket!

Discover Your E-Colors

Free Self Development Tool

E-Colors is a tool that unlocks your specific personality style to help your continued self development. You’ll understand yourself better and improve your communication skills (be it at work, with your partner or family members). Discover your E-Colors and attend one of our introductory events where you’ll learn how to work with and appreciate others! This is a life tool to help develop your career, relationships and more!

If you could change a part of your life,
what part would it be?

There’s no better time to take control and remix your life than right now!

You may be facing health, relationship or financial challenges, or you may just feel lost or stuck in a rut. Perhaps you ‘have everything’ but still feel unfulfilled and are thinking to yourself “is this it?”

If so, you’re not alone and Mark Wilkinson can help.

As a successful International DJ travelling the world playing to sell out crowds, Mark was having the time of his life until one day he physically collapsed, leading to bankruptcy, depression, loneliness and suicidal thoughts. He lost everything!

Fast forward to today and Mark Wilkinson has completely remixed his life. He is a success coach, best selling author, music producer, multiple business owner and motivational speaker who shares his own tried and tested principles to help YOU remix your own life.

Mark did it himself, he has built a Life Remixed Community of other successful coaching clients who have had phenomenal success and you can absolutely do it too!

Coaching services

Looking for a success coach to support your life remix? Book a free discovery call with Mark Wilkinson to learn more about his 12 Months To Remix Your Life coaching programe.

remix your life Course

Following the strategies taken from Mark Wilkinson’s debut book; Life Remixed, there’s no better time to take control and remix your life. 5 Days To Remix Your Life is available to purchase now!


Invite Mark Wilkinson as a guest speaker at your next event, or to join a panel, podcast, TV or radio show to share his story and Life Remixed techniques. His talks are adaptable for every occasion.


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In loving memory of Bob Proctor (1934 – 2022). See what Bob Proctor, the famous philosopher, New York Times best-selling author of ‘You Were Born Rich’ and contributor to the film The Secret has to say about Mark Wilkinson and his debut book Life Remixed.


Best Selling Author of You Were Born Rich

“Life Remixed wouldn’t have been possible without Mark Wilkinson making a critical decision at the lowest point of his life. Let’s face it, our results are the culmination of the decisions we make or don’t make. For anyone looking for hope, this book offers an abundance of it. And, with hope, you have options.”


Best Selling Author of Happy For No Reason & Chicken Soup For The Woman’s Soul

“Mark Wilkinson is a great embodiment of teachings in The Secret. In Life Remixed, he shares his inspiring journey of overcoming life challenges through consciously shifting his thoughts, feelings, and actions to achieve miraculous results.”


DJ, Producer & House Music Pioneer

“Life Remixed is a candid empowering story showing that we can all achieve true greatness by manifesting the life we deserve.”


CEO & Co-Founder of Equilibria E-Colors

“In my mind, I have dubbed him the ‘London Lighthouse’, keeping us all off the rocks while providing a clear vision for a bright future. Read Life Remixed and I am sure you will agree.”


Multimillionaire, Entrepreneur & Mark’s Business Coach

“Life Remixed is Mark’s story of a young DJ, then going through hellish health and financial challenges, to becoming the successful man he is today.”