There’s no better time to remix your LIFE

For anyone looking for hope, this book offers an abundance of it.”
Best-selling author & contributor to The Secret


5 Days To remix
Your life

 Using strategies taken from Life Remixed there’s no better time to take control and remix your life.
Mark Wilkinson will show you how!


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Are you looking for a coach to support your life remix? Someone you can talk to in confidence about your life, your goals and future happiness? Mark Wilkinson would be delighted to work with you!

5 Days To Remix Your Life

Following the strategies taken from Mark Wilkinson’s debut book; Life Remixed, there is no better time to take control and remix your life. Mark can show you how in this downloadable course.


Invite Mark Wilkinson as a guest speaker at your next event, or to join a panel, podcast, TV or radio show to share his story and Life Remixed techniques. His talks are adaptable for every occasion.


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If you could change a part of your life,
what part would it be?

There’s no better time to take control of your life than right now!

You may be facing addiction, health, relationship or financial challenges, or you may just feel stuck in a rut. Perhaps you ‘have everything’ but still feel unfulfilled and are thinking to yourself “is this it?”

If so, Mark Wilkinson can help.

Mark is an Author, Speaker and Coach who shares practical principles to help Remix Your Life, all based on how he radically changed his own. He’s no different to anyone else, so if he did it, you can absolutely do it too!

Mark was originally an International DJ travelling the world playing to sell out crowds, he was having the time of his life until one day he physically collapsed, leading to bankruptcy, depression, loneliness and suicidal thoughts.

Fast forward to today and now he’s an author, multiple business owner, husband, life coach and entrepreneur. He’s financially free and happy! Find out how he looked beyond the dance to face the music in his debut book; Life Remixed.


Best Selling Author of You Were Born Rich

“Life Remixed wouldn’t have been possible without Mark Wilkinson making a critical decision at the lowest point of his life. Let’s face it, our results are the culmination of the decisions we make or don’t make. For anyone looking for hope, this book offers an abundance of it. And, with hope, you have options.”


Best Selling Author of Happy For No Reason & Chicken Soup For The Woman’s Soul

“Mark Wilkinson is a great embodiment of teachings in The Secret. In Life Remixed, he shares his inspiring journey of overcoming life challenges through consciously shifting his thoughts, feelings, and actions to achieve miraculous results.”


DJ, Producer & House Music Pioneer

“Life Remixed is a candid empowering story showing that we can all achieve true greatness by manifesting the life we deserve.”


CEO & Co-Founder of Equilibria E-Colors

“In my mind, I have dubbed him the ‘London Lighthouse’, keeping us all off the rocks while providing a clear vision for a bright future. Read Life Remixed and I am sure you will agree.”


Multimillionaire, Entrepreneur & Mark’s Business Coach

“Life Remixed is Mark’s story of a young DJ, then going through hellish health and financial challenges, to becoming the successful man he is today.”

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5 Days To Remix Your Life

September 2021 (Dates TBC) – Free

Join me on my next 5 Days To Remix Your Life online course in September 2021. I share strategies taken from my debut book Life Remixed (endorsed by Bob Proctor and Marci Shimoff – stars of The Secret). There’s no better time to take control and remix your life! Learn more below or sign up to my mailing list to be the first to hear when registration opens.

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