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Are You Looking For A Coach To Support Your Life Remix?

The first thing you realise when speaking to Mark Wilkinson is how easy he is to talk to. Whatever part of your life you’re looking to remix, Mark can coach you through the journey to help you identify and create the life you want!

At 53 years of age, Mark Wilkinson has been extremely successful at remixing his own life to where it is now with multiple businesses, wealth, marriage, harmony and focus. Reflecting on the lessons from his own life, he now shares his knowledge and techniques to help others, with a natural ability to connect with people of all ages.

If you’re contemplating reaching out to a success coach or just need someone to speak to, to help you remix a particular part of life, Mark offers friendly, straight talking, positive support.

You deserve health, wealth and happiness. It is achievable and Mark can show you how! Click here to book a complimentary 30 minute discovery call.

Don’t Take Our Word For It!

Mark works with both male and female clients of all ages, to help them remix their lives in a positive, straight talking nature that achieves immediate results. The positivity and inspiration you’ll get from Mark is infectious.

Mark Wilkinson’s Areas of Expertise

Health Coaching

Mark has overcome this himself, having collapsed in his mid 30’s and taking positive action to heal his own body through thoughts and lifestyle.

Addiction Coaching

Mark suffered from an addictive personality when he was young and had many toxic habits that he has now overcome.

Relationship Coaching

Mark can share some great lessons to help you find and maintain the love, joy and happiness you deserve.

Positivity Coaching

Your thoughts reflect your life. Mark inspires you to think and feel positively, proving how your material world can take shape when you create a positive mindset.

Leadership Coaching

From bankruptcy to a 6 figure salary in the corporate world to being the Director of multiple companies, Mark is a Fellow of the ILM and provides leadership and management coaching.

Coaching & Mentoring Rates:

12 Months To Remix Your Life

£5,000 + vat

(12 month contract)

Maximise your Life Remixed coaching with 2 sessions a month and free access to the Life Remixed Mastermind Club which includes:

VIP Member Only Access
Monthly Mastermind Zoom Call

Life Remixed Book Club

WhatsApp Support
Private Facebook Group
Accountability Buddy

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Become an E-Colours Practitioner

£2,000 + vat

(3 x 3 hr sessions)

Join our global team of E-Colour Certified Practitioners

Increase your revenue streams!

Become part of the E-Colours Affiliate Marketing Program

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E-Colours Self Awarenss Session

£500 + vat

(2.5hr session)

Discover your E-Colours and receive your Premium Report

Have a 2.5hr 1:1 session with Mark Wilkinson to learn more about yourself, the people around you, your strengths and potential limiters

Use E-Colours to improve your relationships, career, health, mindset and success!

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Goal Achievement Program

£3,000 + vat

(12 sessions – 1 per week)

3 months / 90 days
Set a goal and achieve it – you decide – we hold you accountable and get you there!

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One to One Property Coaching

£15,000 + vat

(12 month contract)

Get access to live deals

Invest confidently in UK property

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Executive Leadership Coaching

£10,000 + vat

(12 month contract)

ILM Accredited

Lead yourself and your team to success

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Book Writing

£5,000 + vat

(6 month contract – 2 sessions per month)

Follow this step by step program to complete your book within 6 months             

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Book Marketing

£5,000 + vat

(12 sessions – 1 session per week)

3 months / 90 days before the release of your book

A step by step program to market your book successfully

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Director & Founder of Massive Management & Delicious Festival

“I started working with Mark in 2022 after finding myself dissatisfied with my work environment and lacking enthusiasm for “what I do”.

“What I do” is all I know (or so I thought) and it was always my dream to do it, so I felt pretty lost after achieving all I set out to achieve. It was too late for a career change, so I had to understand why the passion for my work had left me, and why I was feeling bored and demotivated.” Cont…

“I am glad to report that the answers were to be found deep in my psyche, way deeper than I could venture alone without a skilled coach.

Mark and I have unpacked what makes me tick, what lights me up and what bores me to tears. Most importantly we have rediscovered my purpose, and now, everything I touch talks to this in a way I never knew was possible. It’s been a glorious journey of self-discovery and I’m now back “doing what I do” with renewed energy and focus – I’m even loving it again – the way I did when I started out on my path to success.”