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Book Mark Wilkinson to tell his story!

The appeal of Mark Wilkinson as a speaker is his ability to tell his story in an open, friendly, humorous way… with a little bit of music thrown in for good measure too! 

Mark first starts by showing the audience what a music remix is, before relating this back to people’s everyday lives with his infectious positivity as he talks about his own Life Remix and the key lessons he shares with people worldwide.

Why choose Mark?

  • For something different! Yes – Mark uses PowerPoint and video, but he also utilises music to connect with his audience!
  • His unique story! Even if you’re not a music fan, Mark uses all kinds of music in his presentations to help create a great atmosphere. You’ll be surprised, but lots of people are also interested in his hedonistic lifestyle as an international DJ, and his journey from ‘looking beyond the dance to face the music’ resonates worldwide.
  • His positivity and motivational energy is infectious.
  • We can arrange for your audience to receive signed copies of Mark Wilkinson’s debut book; Life Remixed.
  • If it’s a podcast, tv or radio interview, he’ll entertain and educate all in one.

See Mark’s most popular talks below (that can always be adapted to suit your audience)…

Speaker Enquiries & Availability

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How To Remix Your Life

Which parts of your life do you love and appreciate and which parts of your life would you like to change?

Mark shows that it is possible to remix your life from his own experience as an international DJ, to recovering from ill health and bankruptcy and then becoming a successful, financially free motivational speaker.

The Relationship Mix

Attract and improve your relationships with your partner, family, friends and work colleagues. Every human being has masculine and feminine energy within them. Mark shares his insight into the masculine and feminine needs, as well as reflecting on his own journey from a somewhat mediocre man to the man and motivational speaker he is today.

The Yellow T-Shirt

A true story and part of my debut book Life Remixed, The Yellow T-Shirt is about the power of visualisation and how sometimes we get so lost in our mental activity and day to day lives that we lose the vision.

I was absolutely thrilled when this story was featured on the Proctor Gallagher Institute. It is a reminder to keep visualising, keep going and keep growing!

The Secret To The Secret

Most people know The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is ‘the law of attraction’ in that everyone has the ability to create their own reality because “thoughts become things”.

However, you can’t just learn The Secret and expect things to happen… there’s extra secrets that you need to know if the law of attraction is going to work for you.