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About Mark Wilkinson

It’s fair to say that Mark Wilkinson has led a varied life.

He’s come from being an international house music DJ and record producer (having been a resident DJ at the world famous Ministry of Sound in London, playing music in 65 different countries across the world and achieving a UK Top 10 hit!), to now being a multiple business owner, success coach, motivational speaker, and international best selling author.

Where it all began…

Once upon a time, music was Mark’s life and his full time occupation. If you’re into house music, you will have heard of him from clubs such as Ministry of Sound, The Cross, The End & AKA and Pacha (in London and Ibiza!), as well as his time working at Flying Records in Kensington Market then up to Soho. He travelled the world playing to sell out crowds having the time of his life, until he physically collapsed.

At 33 years of age, his leg gave way and he couldn’t get up off the floor. This was the start of a hellish experience as his body froze up over the next 18 months resulting him in being unable to walk. He was in constant agony and living on painkillers, which eventually led to bankruptcy, depression, loneliness and suicidal thoughts.

How Mark remixed his life…

On a detox in Scotland to try and cure his body from severe stomach cramps and frozen joints all over his body, Mark was gifted a video of ‘The Secret’. In it he learnt from Bob Proctor that a disease is actually two words; it’s a ‘dis-ease’. This was brand new information for Mark, completely opening his mind to new ways of thinking, feeling and being.

He began to study philosophy and personal development and cured his body, completing 4 marathons (three in London and one in Berlin). He took the decision to detoxify his life by conquering his addictive personality and eliminating various toxic habits including alcohol, drugs, caffeine, sugar, meat and toxic, destructive relationships.

Having hit rock bottom and by taking positive action to remix his life, overcoming challenging health issues and re-educating himself, Mark changed his beliefs, behaviours, attitude and programming to become the man, son and husband he is now happy to be.

His life remix is still an ongoing journey (everyone’s is!), but with multiple businesses, financial freedom and following his own practical principals and methods from research into many different leaders, he now shares his experiences and knowledge with people who are looking to remix their own lives. You can now learn from and use Mark’s principals to achieve what you would like from life too in his debut book Life Remixed and by signing up to his success coach and training programmes.