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Mark Wilkinson presents 5 Days To Remix Your Life. Available to view online, Mark shares the strategies from his debut book Life Remixed (endorsed by Bob Proctor and Marci Shimoff – stars of The Secret). There’s no better time to take control and remix your life!

Mark shows you how by sharing his strategies on purpose, goals, health, money, faith, happiness, love and relationships with all the enthusiasm and positivity you need to create your best life!

It’s never too late to remix your life! Mark did it himself and can show you how!

DISCLAIMER: 5 Days To Remix Your Life is available to view online through this website now. At the end of the online course, attendees are offered the chance to continue their study of the information by working more closely with Mark Wilkinson and his team. This is completely optional. This is a 5 hour course. Mark Wilkinson will hold nothing back and you can take what you learn from the sessions and implement them in your own way.

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Bestselling Author of Life Remixed, Life & Business Coach and Motivational Speaker Mark Wilkinson is pleased to present his 5 Days To Remix Your Life online course.
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Mark Wilkinson's debut book Life Remixed is available to purchase on Amazon or on our Shop page. You can also attend a live event with Mark Wilkinson. Visit our Events page for more information on upcoming events. If you would like to learn more and work with Mark Wilkinson directly, book a complimentary 30 minute discovery call with him here or view his coaching packages here.

“Definitely motivated! Thank you!”

“Thank you Mark. You opened my mind and you left me with a lot of notes…so THANK YOU!”

“I love your positivity, very energising and motivating … thanks for the Life Remixed course.”

“Thanks for all the guidance and help!”

“Thanks Mark! I’m working my way through Life Remixed, the book. These 5 days have been excellent!”

“My husband met you and you have made him believe he can achieve great things! Thanks Mark!”

“This has been a great session Mark. I’ve really enjoyed the entire week.”